Tuesday, February 20, 2018
The Global Lottery Collector's Society wants YOU as a member!
Yes, Virginia.... there are people who actually COLLECT lottery tickets!
Join in the fun of lottery collecting. Join the GLCS!

  • GLCS membership card - showing your Member Number. (Sorry, no decoder ring...)

  • Subscription to "The Lotologist Monthly" - either by regular mail or in electronic form, the GLCS newsletter contains club and member announcements, Lotology stories, collector reference information, and classified ads for ticket trading or selling. The newsletter also keeps members up-to-date with monthly lists of new ticket releases from the various lottery agencies.

  • FREE classified ads - Members can place their own classified ads in the Lotologist Monthly free of charge.

  • FREE ticket offers Members can receive scratch-off or sample/void tickets for the price of postage with the Planet-Lotto giveaways.

  • Ticket Guides - The GLCS maintains a complete ticket catalog of US and Canadian ticket issues. Members have access to the online ticket database and image library at lotology.net. Many other online ticket guides are also availalable.

  • Membership Roster - your GLCS membership also includes access to the member lists and enables you to contact other members via email. (members can also remain anonynmous if so desired)

  • Access to "Members' only" section of the club website - The GLCS Website Members Section contains a wealth of information and Lotology knowledge collected by members for many years.
    • Contact page to reach other GLCS members for trading etc.
    • Profiles of GLCS members, what they collect and how they became "Lotologists"
    • Download section containing club logos, & banners & screen backgrounds
    • Archive section featuring:
      • Everything you ever wanted to know about our annual meeting - the Lotovention
      • Minutes of the GLCS Board meetings held at Lotoventions.
      • Articles written by members - about tickets, people, and much more!
      • Back issues of the club newsletter, The Lotologist Monthly
    • Web links to worldwide lottery agencies
    • Lottery agency logo finder (Just what country IS this ticket from, anyway?)
    • MYSTERY TICKETS page - were they really for sale?... no one knows!
    • Musical tickets! (Yes, there were some, join GLCS and you can play them!
Ok, now that you know all about us...
Why not JOIN us?

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