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GLCS Glossary of Terms
ENTRY TICKET These are tickets that win a chance to be drawn from a pool of tickets that are mailed into the lottery for a prize or seat on a game show.
HYBRID These are tickets that are a combination of both an instant ticket and a passive ticket.
This is a lottery ticket that is bought, played and redeemed without waiting for a drawing to be held.
LATEX The material covering the "play area" on a scratch ticket.
LOTOLOGIST An individual who practices "Lotology"
LOTOLOGY The research, study and collecting of lottery tickets of various forms. Click HERE to read about how Lotology was chosen - View LOTOLOGY on Wikipedia .
MINT or MT This is an instant ticket that has not been played. The condition of a mint ticket is of utmost importance and should be free from flaws.
PASSIVE These are tickets that don't have a scratch-off area like an instant ticket. Their winning potential is based on a future drawing date.
PLACARD These are large ticket posters for display by retailers (most often 6"x10") that show the ticket. Many show the ticket "unscratched" on one side and "scratched" on the other.
PROMOTIONAL PROMOTIONAL tickets are issued on occasion by lottery agencies as an incentive for retailers or to celebrate an event, such as an anniversary. Promotional tickets are not sold but may have some prize value. These are very rare items printed in limited numbers.
PULL TABS or POP UPS These are instant lottery tickets that have paper tabs that are pulled up instead of a latex covering that is scratched.
RECALLED This is a game that has ended early due to a problem or mistake that makes the game unacceptable. The issuing lottery agency stopped sales, recalled unsold tickets and usually destroyed inventory of remaining tickets.
SCRATCHED These are tickets that are used, with most of the latex scratched off. Lotologists have been known to go to great lengths to retrieve scratched tickets for their collection and for trading with other collectors. Sometimes this activity really pays off. Interestingly enough, winning tickets that were scratched and thrown out have been found in the trash!
COLLECTOR SCRATCHED These are tickets that are carefully scratched so that they have a very neat appearance leaving as much of the latex design as possible. These are highly desirable compared to the non-collector scratched tickets.
Collector Scratched
SETS SETS are groups of tickets that have a common theme, started on the same date, and sold attached in sequence on the same roll or pack at the retailer. Members of the SET usually all have the same game number. Other SETS that have the same theme but are sold in staggered release dates and with different game numbers are called ACCUMULATED SETS
STUB STUBS are tickets that have a portion of the ticket that is perforated to be torn off as part of the game or promotion.
REVERSALS 180 degree reversals commonly referred to as "rotated reverse" or "reversals" are instant scratch type lottery tickets which are found with the backs of the tickets printed in two different directions for the same issue. Whether these reversals are by design or the result of error or oversight is of no concern.
USED TICKET, SCRATCHED or SC This is an instant ticket that has been played. The latex on the play area has been scratched to determine if the ticket is a winner.
or S/V
A sample/void ticket is a sample of an actual game ticket. They usually have "VOID" on the reverse and within the ticket serial number. These are often referred to as "sample", "void" or "S/V" tickets. Many countries outside of the U.S. use the term "SPECIMEN" rather than sample/void. These tickets, highly prized by many collectors, are used for promotions and for giving retailers a feel for the ticket.
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